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"I met Tara for the first time in spring of 2011, I remember it very well. I had taken myself on a day trip to the antique market, searching for inspiration. The market was full of vendors booths filled with handcrafts and antiques but one booth stood out above the rest. Tara’s aesthetic drew me in instantly, interesting displays were dripping with fabulous one of a kind adornments, dreamy mother of pearl rosary beads, French micro mosaics, carved ivory flowers dangling from vintage watch fob chains, Victorian bird pendants and reliquaries. I instantly fell in love with her pieces. The artist herself was tending the booth, an original herself, commanding yet subtle, and very lovely. The 3 pieces I brought home remain my all time favorites and since that day we have become great friends, sharing ideas, designs and inspiration. 

Tara comes from an extensive artistic background. Her parents were celebrated artists in Laguna Beach, California where she grew up. The Festival of Arts was her "backyard" every summer as a young girl.
She pursued her creative passion in many forms from studying hairdressing in London, to running a popular vintage clothing store in Manhattans East Village, to working as a dresser / stylist / designer in theater, television and film, as well as working in Interior Design in San Diego for one of the top firms.


It’s no wonder with such a dimensional and diverse history she would land on top as a favorite California jewelry designer.
She is inspired by Victorian, French Art Nouveau, Georgian, and Mexican design from the 1930’s-1940’s. But it is the particular element with its imperfect beauty, faded elegance, and time worn patina that begins every new design.
Tara has a natural sense and an amazing eye for selection. Her clientele are women who have their own sense of style and personality, leaders not followers. Her jewelry translates as wearable and unique, like the women who love it.
Passionate, Curious, and always forging forward, Tara’s success is from a simple practice, 
"I design what I love".

- Lori Gincig, Jewelry designer, Lori Lori Jewelry